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From the origins of Europe's architecture, to the stampeding modern developments in the Middle East and South East Asia, this section covers an extensive range of books on world architecture and design.

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Top Sellers in World Architecture

Charles Holden Book by  book cover | Buy Charles Holden from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

Charles Holden

This is the firstbook-length study of Charles Holden and his architecture. Karol has provided an exhaustive but highly readable study which places...


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England's Post-War Listed Buildings  Book by  book cover | Buy England's Post-War Listed Buildings  from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

England's Post-War Listed Buildings

 England's Post-War Listed Buildings is a comprehensive and stylish guide to over 500 of the country's most striking and historically relevant...


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Latest Titles in World Architecture

Monterrey: Architectural Guide Book by  book cover | Buy Monterrey: Architectural Guide from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

Monterrey: Architectural Guide

Monterrey means mountain king, a name befitting its location surrounded by the Sierra Madre in north-eastern Mexico. It was founded in 1596 near...


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Brutalism: Post-War British Architecture Book by  book cover | Buy Brutalism: Post-War British Architecture from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

Brutalism: Post-War British Architecture: 2nd Edition

The term 'Brutalism' is used to describe a form of architecture that appeared, mainly in Europe, from around 1945-75. Uncompromisingly modern, this...


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