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RIBA Plan of Work 2013 website Fast delivery RIBA Appointments

A selection of free downloads to accompany the RIBA Job Book Ninth Edition. These actionable checklists and template forms can be used to create individual project plans.

To use the templates safely and as intended it is important to refer to the introductory and supplemental guidance and background notes in the RIBA Job Book Ninth Edition. The numbering of the action checklists below mirrors that used in the book.

The RIBA Job Book Ninth Edition is up-to-date with the RIBA Plan of Work 2013.


0 Strategic Definition checklist

1 Preparation and Brief checklist

2 Concept Design checklist

3 Developed Design checklist

4 Technical Design checklist

5 Construction checklist

6 Handover and Close Out checklist

7 In Use checklist

Contractor Engagement checklist


Fig 0/1 Letter to architect formerly engaged on project: Strategic Definition

Fig 0/2 Specimen project resource planning sheet: Strategic Definition

Fig 0/3 Letter confirming preliminary agreement: Strategic Definition

Fig 1/1 Agenda for initial design team meeting: Preparation and Brief

Fig 1/2 RIBA safety code visits to sites and unoccupied buildings: Preparation and Brief

Fig 2/1 Cost plan budget estimate: Concept Design

Fig 3/1 Record of design change notice and record: Developed Design

Fig 4/1 Checklist of necessary drawn information: Technical Design

Fig 4/2 Architect's drawing issue sheet: Technical Design

Fig 5/1 Agenda for pre-contract meeting: Construction

Fig 5/2 Financial report to client: Construction

Fig 5/3 Agenda for contract administrator's site progress meeting: Construction

Fig 5/4 Report form for predictive site visits: Construction

Fig 5/5 Record form of Contract Administrator's Instructions issued: Construction

Fig 5/6 Record of site delays observed: Construction

Fig 5/7 Record of defective work: Construction

Fig 5/8 Record form of claims by contractor: Construction