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Accessibility and Wayfinding: Construction and Design Manual

Philipp Meuser

  • Format: Book

  • Pages: 416

  • Publisher: Dom publishers

  • Date Published: Nov 2018

  • Stock Code: 91760

  • ISBN: 9783869226750

  • Binding: Hardback

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Accessible architecture is about much more than wide doorways and low-placed light switches. Accessibility means independent and self-reliant living and mobility for people of all ages and in any situation in life. Enabling this requires a clear awareness of the related concepts and principles that need to be adopted into the planning at an early stage. This manual presents both public buildings and orientation systems in the fields of culture, transport, and education, as well as examples from the worlds of work and health. Informative essays provide an insight into the theory of signage, while selected projects are described from the perspective of Design for All.

  • Large-scale images and drawings illustrate ten design parameters
  • Best-of collection of the practical handbooks on accessible architecture and wayfinding
  • Incorporate two areas of design to ease our daily life

About the Author

Philipp Meuser

Philipp Meuser, born in Hilden / Germany (1969), architect and publisher. Studied architecture in Berlin and Zürich with a focus on history and theory. Construction and consulting projects in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Scientific research on mass housing in the Soviet Union as well as publications on socialist architecture.

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Accessibility and Wayfinding: Construction and Design Manual The Design Companion for Planning and Placemaking

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