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Timber Construction Manual

Thomas Herzog, Julius Natterer and Michael Volz

  • Format: Book

  • Pages: 390

  • Publisher: Birkhauser

  • Date Published: Jan 2004

  • Stock Code: 33257

  • ISBN: 9783764370251

  • Binding: Hardback


With some 600 photos and 4000 drawings and plans, the Timber Construction Manual is an comprehensive and indispensable reference work in the specialist literature on wood. This latest Construction Manual looks at all types of wood and wood materials, also presenting detailed information on the current norms and standards. Chapters cover the basic principles of working with wood, providing detailed information on subjects such as heat, noise insulation, fire protection treatment. There is also a chapter which investigates the significance of wood with particular reference to ecology. Wood as a load-bearing material is considered, and topics such as new methods of joining, transport and montage are documented.

The second part of the volume presents a large number of built examples which feature some "classic" structures but focus chiefly on more recent buildings. These are presented with full illustrations, details, and plans which expose realised solutions for various supporting structures. The spectrum of wooden structures presented ranges from heavy-load bridges to multi-storey residential buildings and the EXPO roof. The second part of the examples looks specifically at topics such as facades, building skins etc. All plans and illustrations have been carefully produced to ensure that the details and the construction methods documented are clear and comprehensible.