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New Towns: A Study on Urban Design Bookmark and Share

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New Towns: A Study on Urban Design

Dunia Mittner

  • Format: Book

  • Pages: 256

  • Publisher: Jovis

  • Date Published: Feb 2018

  • Stock Code: 89602

  • ISBN: 9783868594614

  • Binding: Paperback


The book aims at pointing out the general dimension of the extremely wide phenomenon of the new towns built all over the world in the XXth and XXIst centuries, in a comparative way in particular from the point of view of the principles of the urban design.

The XXth and XXIst centuries have been characterized by an extraordinary growth of the population and the cities. This has often hidden the neverending activity of settlements’ foundation that has gone through it. The book aims first to find out the general dimension of this truly surprising phenomenon, while drawing a map of who, when and where has placed himself as a contemporary Hippodamus.

A first ordering of the subject, represented by the enormous and dispersed dimension of the archives, starting from the reasons of the foundation, emerges, including colonial cities, capital cities, cities related to the commerce and comunications, settlements related to the control of the national land, centers for the industrial modernization, towns built for the control of metropolitan growth, research and high-tech centers and eco cities.

The book aims then to verify the existence of some main systems of the urban composition through the XXth and XXI centuries, starting from the observation and decomposition of the projects through the fundamental elements organizing their shape and general lay-out and the from the identification of the elements of regularity and difference among them. The grid; a system of axes strongly connected with the central open spaces; a serial repetition of the buildings (particular residential); the articulation and hierarchy of the central parts, lay-outs and units; the composition and freedom of the urban elements emerge as main systems through the plans.