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Architectural Insitu Concrete


  • Format: Book

  • Pages: 240

  • Publisher: RIBA Publishing

  • Date Published: Oct 2007

  • Stock Code: 61854

  • ISBN: 9781859462591

  • Binding: Paperback


The use of concrete as an architectural and structural material has gone through many changes and evolutions over the years, but probably never more so than over the past decade.

This book provides the reader with in-depth technical guidance and practical information on the mechanics and fundamentals of how to achieve a fine concrete finish. It examines the techniques of concrete compaction and placement; the surface treatment of cast concrete to prevent dirt ingress and staining; the detailing of panel layouts; and offers general tips on good practice and concrete workmanship. The importance of colour control, surface appearance and definition is discussed in detail, with commentary on how concrete is produced and the properties and performance of formwork materials.

Architectural Insitu Concrete contains a large number of landmark case studies, all lavishly illustrated, to give the designer insight, inspiration and understanding on the selection and specification of concrete for architectural uses.